Siemens Switzerland AG

Since fall 2008 I'm working at Siemens Schweiz AG, in a departement which conducts classical IT outsourcing business.


Until fall 2010 it was a great thing to work for Siemens. Unfortunately Siemens IT solutions and services will be taken over by Atos Origin in July 2011.



Abraxas Informatik AG

From Sommer 2007 I worked as Linux System Engineer at Abraxas Informatik AG, a company owned by the government of the Canton of Zurich and St. Gall. The job was not what I expected, so I left the company in fall 2008.



ETH Federal Institute of Technology


On April 2005 a new milstone was reached in my technical career. I worked at the Chair of Software engeneering at famous ETH in Zurich, Switzerland.


Main duties have been buildung up a redundant and stable infrastructure for the chair and its researchers, helping with different projects and taking care of other IT related issues.


I also had the chance to building up knowledge in advanced programming techniques which is very demanding and interesting.



EDS Switzerland

EDS Switzerland is a huge international IT outsourcing company which had taken over Atraxis, the IT department of Swissair.


It was a quite amazing time to get the experience what happend when two different company cultures meets each other. I continued the be a Linux pioneer and introduce Linux in a growing sector of airline applications.




Swissair was the beginning of my IT career. Before getting employed at Swissair, computing was a hobby.


The first two years from 1998 to 1999I worked as a IBM mainframe operator taking care about the reservation system running on TPF.


From the year 2000 I worked as a system engineer in the Unix departement, where I installed the first commercially used Linux systems. In that time my experiance with large enterprise servers and cluster technologies was growing very rapidely.


Soon I was known in the company as the Linux guy and was invited to have some presentations on the "Atraxis technical Forum"


Unfortunately Swissair got bankrupt at October 02. 2001. Customers and collegues have been stuck on airports around the globe. It was a inconveniant situation, nobody knowed the future, mass dismissials of tousends of people.



I had several jobs which is not interessting anymore. After getting a degree in commerce I begun in the IT industry in 1998. Thats all...